Friday, 19 September 2014

Foodie Friday: Introducing Chef Angel R. Betancourt and Foodie Friday Chef at Food Network

As if this Foodie Friday wasn't already exciting we have another Chef that has come on board! Angel R. Betancourt has graciously accepted to be one of the contributors to VanzBlogz Foodie Friday series! Learn more about this awesome Chef below!

Angel Ramirez Betancourt Venezuelan trained in one of the best & most renowned culinary institutes of the world. Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Ottawa Culinary Institute.

Having worked in the best kitchens around the world in cities like Barcelona & A Coruna in Spain, Cancun in Mexico, Montreal, Gatineau & Ottawa in Canada, Caracas in Venezuela & San Salvador & Nassau in The Bahamas. Chef Angel has worked with celebrities chefs or “chef mentors” how he likes to call them. Bruno Oteiza (Biko) Laurent Pages (LCB) Carles Mampel (BuBo) Jean Georges Vongerichten, Nobu & Pascal Charence, Sarah Kosikowski (Valrhona corporate chef) are among them.
All those experiences now have transformed into a perfect mix of motivation, perseverance & passion that he applies to each of his unique desserts in the place. 

He loves The One&Only Ocean Club, Bahamas where he is the actual Executive Pastry Chef.

Bahamian Pineappla+Thyme Tart

Chef Angel is no stranger to publications as he is being featured on magazines & websites often. 

From his former school’s brochure famous websites like

The Chefs Garden Guide Magazine & very Famous blogs like Restaurantware Blog

Recently chef angel was selected along the very best pastry chef from USA to attend to L’ecole Valrhona in France a privilege that is given only to raising stars or celebrated pastry chefs.

Coconut Milk Sorbet + Coconut Water Gelee + Sesame Seed Caviar + Sesame Tuile ``Food is the new love’’

Angel Ramirez Betancourt

We are so excited about having Chef Betancourt on board and can't wait to get the inside scoop on some of his beautiful creations!

We also wanted to take the time to let you know that one of our Foodie Friday contributors has hit it big time and is one of participating chefs in Food Network in Concert Event being held in Rivinia, Chicago. We can't wait till he comes back and shares the experience. See him featured here ---->

He is truly deserving and we are SUPER excited for him! 

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Tagged Tuesday: Update Yourself on Your Life

Your Life Update 


Every January (wether you want to admit or not) we right down our "New Years Resolution list". 
85% of the time nothing on this list is crossed out; but why is that? Some may say they just weren't committed others may say I just forgot. Personally I think its because we just get so caught up in our everyday lives that we just completely lose track of what we wanted to accomplish in that year. 

Lets face it time flies I mean it seems like just yesterday I brought my new born baby home and now he's almost 1!!! Its so easy for us to just live day by day and completely lose track of the fact that we need to make future plans to achieve goals that we have. Thats why I think its always good to sit back and rewrite our Yearly goals or write a "Life Update". 

What do you mean update myself on my life? Its my life why do I need updating on it?

When I think of updating myself on my life I ask myself a few simple questions. 

1. What have you accomplished this year so far?
2. How many of those accomplishment if any are on your New Years Resolution list? 
3. Can any of your goals be reached before the year is through? 

Many of us (including myself) will answer these questions and feel totally defeated. We will think to ourself "What in heck have I been doing?!?!?". Don't beat yourself up, this thing called life can be hectic and the reason we are doing the Life Update is so that we can get ourselves back on track. 

Here is my Life Update 
So far this year I have continued to go through the learning process of being a Mother. I am continuing to learn that I can't do everything and be everywhere for my baby and that I have to learn to live this new life of functioning with my heart out of my chest. I have accomplished my goal of getting a raise at work and continue to work hard to be promoted. I am on my journey to losing 20 pounds by December. My educational goals can and will be started before the year is complete. Of my 5 goals on my New Years Resolution 3 of them are either complete or currently in motion. 

What is your "Life Update" looking like? Leave them in the comments below!

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