Saturday, 22 March 2014

Back to work after Baby

So its the end of my second week back to work and I have to say I'd rather stay home with my precious baby.

I always feel guilty when I'm dropping him off. I feel like I'm abandoning him and he thinks I'm just dumping him off to go and party. 

I am still trying to get into the routine of functioning on even less sleep than I was getting before and trying to focus on my work and not wondering what my baby is doing every hour on the hour and if he's ok.

Now that im back to work I very rarely have time to pump and I was forced to start giving Kaiden formula YUCK.  I hate it! and he will be back on only breast milk the minute I have enough stored. 

It is killing me to give him formula because I wanted my baby exclusively on breast milk for at least 6 months but I guess that was wishful thinking. 

Now that I have a whole human to take care of I feel that much more obligated to do well and excel at my job. (Not that I wasn't trying to excel before) I just am that much more determined. 

Anyway I guess this just another stage in my new life as a mom and all I can do is take it one day at a time.


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