Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tagged Tuesday: I'm Glad I'm Not a Kid in 2014

Ahhh the 21st Century... The years of new technologies and futuristic living. Awesome right?! Maybe for us but there a series of reasons why I'm happy I'm not a kid in this century. I'll apologize to my baby when he's old enough to know that it's sincere. 

1. Social Media
Of course this is first because social media is the root of everything wrong with the world. But mostly parents of the 20th century post EVERYTHING on social media which often include not so flattering photos of their kids

Poor Kid

2. Toys like this exist
Why? Seriously ... how much fun can a pet rock be? 

3. Fashion
The trends of today are terrible ... when our kids look back on what they chose to wear 10 years from now they will be so sad ....

What is this pant??? ----> 

4. Vocabulary
I mean really the words twerk and selfie has a home in the oxford dictionary .... why?

5. Technology
While this has two sides too it ... all of the technology the kids of our time have at their disposal is scary at times. With all the computers, tablets and video games our kids sometimes miss out on the really fun parts of childhood. 

6. Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber are celebrities
No explanation needed there.

While every year and every century has there advantages from the last Im sure you can think of at least two reasons why you aren't a kid in the one you're in. Imagine what our parents lists would look like!

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