Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Traveling with Baby

I recently traveled as a mother for the first time a few weeks back and while I am super late with this post I figure better late than never.

So we traveled to Orlando with our sweet 8 month old baby boy this August and I will a admit going in I was terrified!

The idea of leaving something for the baby and being stuck on a plane (even if just for an hour) with no way to get what I needed made me check my baby's bag 9 times.

When traveling I am all about less is more. Less hassle, less money, less bags. I like to check in to my flight drop my bags off and go the rest of the way with just my purse. I dispise unnecessary costs and extra baggage. I learned very quickly that this is no longer possible being a mom. However I have learned a few tricks to staying as light as possible and making your travel experience with your baby enjoyable and more affordable.

1. Your purse is now your baby bag
I traveled with my baby bag and my purse and this was quite the hassle. Lugging my huge purse (I decided to bring my largest one) and my baby bag just became annoying. Take my advice if you can; put all of your purse goodies in the same bag as your babies goodies.

2. Get your travel in while your baby is free!
You only pay taxes for infants up to two years old. Take advantage while you can!

3. Take your own car seat
Taking your own car seat is one way you will avoid exorbitant fees for car seat rental at the car rental companies. Car rentals charge anywhere from $40-$100 A DAY to rent a car seat. (Bonus tip: cover your car seat with a plastic cover or garbage bag before checking it in ours came back filthy. Most airlines will check your car seat in for free!)

4. Travel around nap time
We traveled early in the morning. Kaiden normally wakes up around 5 - 5:30am and falls back to sleep around 8am perfect timing he slept through the entire flight from take off to landing.

5. Take your formula for the entire trip with you
We spent literally twice as much on formula than we do at home ... Who wudda thunk?!

6. Be patient
Just relax ... You are on vacation and your baby is just as excited as you are. It can become trying when you just want to sit down but baby doesnt .

7. Take crib sheets with you
Hotels may provide you with a sheet for the crib that you request ours didn't so we bought our own. (Check with your hotel prior to arrival to make sure cots are free of charge. If it isn't I would suggest traveling with your pack and play)

8. Sit in the back with baby and let daddy or whoever you are traveling with drive
The last thing you want is to be on a 30 minute drive and you can't reach your baby to console him or her. I was chauffeured for 9 days and loved it.

9. Sanitizing wipes are your best friend
When you are visiting restaurants and doing your shopping don't just plop baby down in the high chair or shopping cart. Wipe it down. We wiped down everything we wiped down almost the entire shopping cart and high chairs especially because Kaiden is putting any and everything in his mouth.

10. Get a travel sized stroller
I think this is self explainitory when you are having to open and close your stroller every 10 minutes you are going to want something that's light and Hassel free.

I am no veteran at this and I am sure as I travel more and more I will unlock more tips to share with you.

What are your tips and tricks to traveling with an infant?


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