Tuesday, 11 February 2014

10 Things Your Newborn WONT Need

So you are expecting, and if you are anything like me you are one of two things (or both):
1. On a budget and don't want to buy anything that you wont really need
2. Totally overwhelmed and just want to buy everything

I was both of these things coming closer to the arrival of my baby boy. Yes totally confused. I really didn't want to go crazy buying things that I would never use neither did I want to spare any expense and deprive my baby of anything he may need.

Now that he is here this is my list of things that you really don't NEED and what you can do instead.

1. Bottle Warmer - Seriously just heat some water in a pot over the stove and stick the bottle in the hot water for a few minutes. Voila warm milk.

2. Baby Powder - Your paediatrician will probably tell you not to use powder. Studies have shown that babies who use powder develop lung issues.

3. Desitin - Leave that thick goopy mess on the shelf. Vaseline works just fine maybe even better, or if you are more the "organic" freak like myself you can use a mixture or Shea and cocoa butter.

4. Nursing Cover - All you need is a couple nursing bras and nursing friend tops and a thin receiving blanket. Or pump your milk when you are heading on the road, some moms find it easier to use the bottle instead of having to pull their boob out while out and about.

5. Crib - I'm not saying never buy a crib but honestly the pack 'n' play will do for the first few months. Trust me your new bundle of joy will be in your room for at least the first 3 months so if you aren't able to buy the crib you want before baby arrives don't worry you have plenty of time.

6. Baby Monitor - While you will need this eventually for the first few months your baby will stuck to you or maybe its more you will be stuck to your baby like white on rice.

7.  Bassinet - I find these to be a waste on money as your baby will not fit into them for a very long time. Instead buy a pack 'n' play that comes with a bassinet piece inside that way you don't spend an extra $50-$300 and you can just pop the bassinet piece off when baby gets to big for it.

8. Manual Pump - Don't even waste your time. Not only is pumping manually annoying but its also time consuming. An electric pump is one investment you will be happy you made.

9. More than 4 Bottles - Really how many babies do you have, and how many bottles can he or she use at the same time?

10. A completed nursery - Finishing my babies nursery before he got here put a tremendous amount of stress on me until I realised , he wont really be in there for the first few months and secondly ..... he wont notice.

I hope this list helps you stress a little less in your final moments preparing for baby. I know it can be so overwhelming at times but when you are trying for everything to be perfect just remember all your baby will want and need is you!

Until tomorrow!


  1. Thanks girl this list was very helpful dealing with my little one. good thing we bought the convertible crib that turns to a bed when she gets older worth every penny and i wish i knew the Vaseline thing earlier cause we used desitin like the first 2 weeks and it wasn't working. oh any tips on producing breast milk faster i have a electric pump but my milk pumps slowly.

  2. Will make that my next blog!! But just to give you a head start ... supply and demand the more you pump or feed the baby the more milk you will produce and LOTS OF WATER!! I have a few more tips but I will leave those for the blog :D



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