Friday, 21 February 2014

Foodie Friday - Guest Blogger Amelia J

Its Foodie Friday!! And who doesn't love hearing about where to get the best food or how to make delicious meals at home? Today our blog is coming from my good friend and fellow blogger Amelia J. She on a regular basis makes me hungry with her food posts on instagram and facebook. Check out her blog at! 

Hidden Gems in Nassau’s Restaurant Scene

Hi my name is Amelia, and i am a food blogging addict. I constantly get angry comments on my instagram ( @isthatameej ) feed from hungry belly friends who are suffering from a serious case of “food envy,” when they (i assume) are probably staring at a cup of noodles, or some mundane meal. I thrive on the weekends, a resident Nassuvian, i endeavour to try all the newest restaurants, and have began building up my credits on Tripadvisor.

So I saw it fit to feature my top 3 favourite restaurants in Nassau, some underrated, and some so busy they don’t even take reservations.

1. Seafront Sushi

This has to be my all time favourite restaurant. Not only is the food AMAZING, it’s affordable, and you really can’t get a better deal for fresh sashimi ready fish. “Sushi with a flare” is how i best describe this place. Atmosphere wise, this place is great for a hot dinner date, or sharing a huge table with family. Although you may have a bit of a wait ahead of you, i promise, it will be worth every minute. My recommendations are the Sashimi Martini, the Volcano Roll and the Seafront Crunch, all of which i have never had someone say they didn’t like. True Story.

2. Wok n’ Roll

A real underdog, but so amazing. I happened upon this place with my boyfriend a year or so back, and ended up being pleasantly surprised with amazing food, intimate atmosphere, and great service. Not only do they provide excellent deals and specials, but their wait time is fast, but not in a rushed way at all. My recommendation would be the Black Bean Conch or Chicken! The sauce is to die for.

3. Mahogany House

This place is a bit of a drive, located in Lyford Cay, but for a special occasion date, the ambiance, portions and flare totally pay off for the long commute. When i first went here, i thought it looked like someones house, but once i got inside, i discovered an elegant modern feel that was refreshing. Not to mention the food is pretty amazing (try the Risotto, and the fried calamari). They also have a charming wine shop available that is worth the splurge, considering you are already out there, so might as well grab a good quality bottle of vino.

Whiles there are many other great restaurants, for me these three make the cut for top 3.
I didn’t choose the FoodBlogger life, it chose me.

Signed Amelia the Foodie

That sounded delicious. If "Mels" says its good I am there! Keep checking us out for more food fun every Friday! Thanks Amelia J. Remember to check out her blog at and if you want to be jealous or inspired follow her on instagram @isthatameej


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