Friday, 4 July 2014

Friends on the Same Page

Have you ever heard the saying that goes something like "Watch the company you keep"?
I always took heed to that saying because it is true... people portray you by the company you keep. However now that I am married and the mother of a beautiful baby boy I have learned the importance of having a circle of friends who are all on the same page in life as you are.
Since marrying my husband we were introduced to a group of couples who are all on the same page. Either married, getting married, having kids wanting kids, building homes, creating businesses and so on. In one way or the other each couple is on the same page.
This would have never been important to me until we all starting spending more and more time together.
As time went on I learned that having these couples as close friends benefits my husband and I in more ways than one. Not only are they fun to hang out with but when we need suggestions or advice we have 5 different opinions to feed off of. The advice I get from this group is not just their opinions but this group has such strong relationships with God that very frequently advice is followed with scripture.
These people have now become more than friends but now they are apart of our lives and my child's life. These are the people that my babies will look up to and who's kids they will grow up with.
Both the guys and the girls have created what's app groups (separate groups of course, because us ladies need to speak about lady stuff and rant about our husbands from time to time) and while I cannot vouch for what goes on in the guys group besides planning impromptu guy outings ... this group for us girls has become like a sister hood of the traveling pants type of deal.
We share our struggles and successes ask advice, vent and chat about recent events and of course the latest on our reality TV shows. Truth is these ladies keep me calm and sane when things begin to become overwhelming. Its also good to know that sometimes you aren't over reacting ... or when you are.
While its important that you don't share every gripe or problem in your relationship I think there is always a time when we really need advice.
We all have our friends outside of this little circle but I am grateful for this group of people and I'm excited about how we continue to grow into a little family.

Be wise in your choices on who you associate yourself with and who you let your family hang around. You may not be as lucky to find a group as cool as this one but if you are wise in your decisions you may find a group that's a close second.


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