Friday, 26 September 2014

Foodie Friday: Meet Chef Tim Tibbitts

Its Foodie Friday!! 
We have yet another Chef added to our list of contributors for VanzBlogz. 
See Chef Tim Tibbitts's bio. We are so excited and honored to have this awesome chef grace our pages! 

Chef Tim Tibbitts was born in Nassau, Bahamas and grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada.  His interest in food goes well back into his childhood.  The ethnic diversity of Toronto has always played a large part in his style having spent so much of his youth in the ethnic communities of one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  His passion for Asian flavors stems from this time and was a major factor in starting his apprenticeship in the early 90's. 

     Tim enrolled in the Canadian Apprenticeship Program at Toronto's famed George
Brown College, School of Culinary Arts.  There he learned the basics of classic
European cuisine, which he applied first under his mentor Roger Genoe.  It was during this time that Tim developed his respect for great ingredients and technique that is still the hallmark of his style.  It was the same restaurant where he met his wife and business partner, Sommelier Rebecca Tibbitts.

     After many years of working through the ranks of small high-end kitchens in the Toronto area, Tim along with Rebecca, decided to make a move back to the Bahamas.  After successfully opening and running a modern Asian restaurant and sushi bar, Tim decided it was time to start working for himself.

     Starting with the creation of his company 99/1 Food Services Management in 2009, Tim has created a brand throughout the Bahamas.  In February of 2012 Tim realized a dream by opening his own restaurant, Flying Fish, in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Flying Fish is the only restaurant in the Bahamas using modernist techniques to explore the flavors of the Caribbean.  Local products used in various ways exploring all the ethnic influences of Chef Tim from around the world entertain diners every night.  His commitment to quality and sustainability of the products are paramount at Flying Fish.  It is a dining experience like no other in the Bahamas.

      Chef Tim was named one of the Top 25 Chefs in the Caribbean for 2014 by Caribbean Journal magazine.  Flying Fish was awarded a 4 Diamond Rating this year as well by AAA making it only the third restaurant in Bahamian history to achieve this honor and the first in the history of Grand Bahama island.  There are less than 30 restaurants in the entire Caribbean with this honor.

     Currently Tim is also a staff writer for the Freeport News with his column "Food

For Thought" printed twice weekly.  He is also a contributing writer for Bob Izumi's Real Fishing magazine in Canada as a guest chef, and is currently in production locally of his first TV series titled “Caught in Paradise”, that shows viewers a glimpse into the life of a top chef.  He is also in development of two other new shows with Canadian TV production company, RTR Media, about the food industry in the Caribbean.


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