Friday, 3 October 2014

Foodie Friday: Interview with Chef Angel Betancourt

For this weeks Foodie Friday I wanted to get into the brain of a Chef!! I had a brief interview with the awesome Chef Betancourt and also got some of his must visit restaurants for us all to try!! 

VanzBlogz: When did you first recognize your love for food?

Chef Betancourt: Since I was young cooking with my Grand Mother as well as my Mother
used to bake very simple Granolas, quick breads and cookies. 

VanzBlogz: What is the best dish you have ever eaten?

Chef BetancourtToo Many to tell you only one! but i could give you my top 3:
  1. Foie Grass Cromequis / Pied de Cochon / Montreal.
  2. Foie Grass+Truffles Eclair / Fouchon / Paris.
  3. Conch Salad / Nassau.

VanzBlogz: What is the best dish you have ever created?

Chef Betancourt: I let my guest to choose for me! I am my worts critic!!!!!

VanzBlogz: If you could only make and eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Chef Betancourt: Got to be Ice Cream!!!!!!!

VanzBlogz: What restaurant would you say every "foodie" needs to experience both local and international?

Chef Betancourt: I feel like i have to extend and list you the best ones I have been honored to experienced such as:

  • Pubbely / Miami.
  • Bazaar / Miami.
  • Alinea / Chicago.
  • Perse / New York.
  • ABC Kitchen / New York.
  • The French Laundry / Napa Valley.
  • The Restaurant at Meadowood Rest / Napa Valley.
  • Momofuko / Toronto.
  • Au Pied de Cochon / Montreal.
  • CopperBox / Miami.
  • August / New Orleans.
  • L` Atelier / Las Vegas.
  • Flying Fish / Free Port.
  • Nobu / Paradise Island.
  • Olive / Paradise Island.

Food is the new Love = Angel R. Betancourt.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

'Paint Da Streets Pink' - Fun Run Walk!

My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 10 years old. I remember her struggle with this stupid disease like it was yesterday. With that being said whenever I get the chance to assist with beating this disease that continues to plague  so many families I jump to it!
I was approached by a good friend of mine who is apart of the Rotaract Club of South East Nassau Centennial to help promote a Fun, Run, Walk they are hosting in Aid of the Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative Foundation. Read below for all the information!
The Rotaract Club of South East Nassau Centennial (RSENC) is hosting their second annual 'Paint Da Streets Pink' Fun, Run, Walk. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative Foundation (BBCIF) to support the work they are doing to help the fight against Breast Cancer in the Bahamas. Last year the event attracted over 200 participants who came out in all their pink wonder!
The walk will be held on Saturday October 18 starting at Arawak Cay. The walkers/runners will leave at 6am and travel west on West Bay Street to Goodman's Bay, then travel back to Arawak Cay via travelling east on west bay st. There are no wardrobe rules for this walk, just pink it up!
Pre-Registration can be done at the BBCIF office at the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, all Kelso Medical Laboratory location (Collins Avenue, Village Road, Carmichael Road), and Solomon's Fresh Market locations each Saturday leading up to the race. Registration will also be done on the day of the event beginning at 5:30am. For a small donation of $10 you can help RSENC and BBCIF fight Breast Cancer in the Bahamas.
Rotaract is a Rotary sponsored Non- Profit Service Club for young professionals aged 18-30. We focus on organizing, carrying out, and participating in meaningful community service initiatives throughout Nassau. We also encourage and promote the professional and personal development of our Members and friends. Contact us through Facebook or via email
More information about the 'Paint Da Streets Pink' and the Club can be found on their Facebook Page. (!/pages/Rotaract-Club-of-South-East-Nassau-Centennial/155835717843067  )

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Weight loss journey: First Step...First Hurdle

Here I am once again day one of my weight loss journey. I feel like I have been here so many times before and to be honest it always seems hopeless at the beginning.
I have struggled with my weight for quite some time now and have began to get very frustrated with myself because when I look back I have never really done anything about it. I would start working out then stop start a diet and then quit it. Obviously this trend would reap no reward.
So how did I get back here and what is so different?
Well... how did I get back here?
The answer is simple. I want more for myself. More importantly I have the sweetest baby boy that I need to be healthy and active for.
Step 1: Want it for YOURSELF
You will never be successful in losing weight or staying consistent if you are doing it for anyone other than yourself. If when you are working you are thinking about how others will see you... You need to reevaluate your reasons for taking on this joyrney.
I have realized that every time I started a weight loss journey (many times) I wasn't doing it for myself. I was doing it because one too many people said "girl you have gained weight" or because I couldnt find that dress in my size.
This journey to losing weight goes so much deeper. Finding your own motivation will be the foundation of what the rest of your experience to your goal will be like and how successful you are.
First Hurdle : Getting Started
Getting started is always the biggest challenge for me because I am so good at making excuses.
There is no one to watch the baby
I don't have the time
I don't have the money
I will start next month
The list goes on and on.
When you finally quit the excuses and "Just do it" is when your journey truly begins.
This is my first post about my journey and I will continue to write as more steps and hurdles come my way. My goal is to lose 50 LB's yes I said 50 pounds.
This should be veeerryyy interesting.
If you are taking this journey with me I would love to hear about your day 1 in the comments!


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