Monday, 24 February 2014

DIY: How to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

This week on my facebook timeline it seemed as if everyone is either getting engaged or married. Love is definitely in the air. While we all would love to have that magical dream wedding where we can blow a ridiculous amount of money and just "pick and pay" you and I both know this is not a reality for most of us.

I learnt very quickly when planning my wedding that what you want more often than not does not agree with what you have in your bank account. 

My Husband and I REFUSED to borrow any money from the bank for our wedding. Why on earth would we start our marriage in debt for one day? The fact that we were committing ourselves to each other was more important to us then our guests having lobster and steak at the reception. 

With all of that being said here are some money saving tips to consider when planning your special day. 

Guest List  

So that list of 300 people you have written down; check it again. How many people are you actual in contact with on a regular basis? Hmmmm..... bet that took off at least 150 people. When putting together a guest list we tend to get carried away, we want our best friend Ashley from 5th grade who we haven't seen since our Primary school graduation there... OK that may be a slight exaggeration but you catch my drift. Try to keep your guest list confined to CLOSE family and friends. Hey if that means cousin Al who you only see at family reunions doesn't make the cut then so be it. I had Aunts and Uncles that didn't make the cut .. they are okay truthfully I haven't seen them since I got married anyway. Trust me if anyone gets upset they wont be upset for life and remember its your day not theirs. 

Time of Day 

When you are planning what time to have your special event keep in mind that Breakfast is the cheapest meal to pay for. My wedding ceremony started at 9am. I had to start getting ready at 5 but that was a sacrifice I was willing to make! 


Now this idea will require you to think out of the box. Instead of having a three course dinner where you are paying $50 and up PER PLATE ... how about doing an upscale cocktail reception/party? Here are the ways you will save. 
1. You will pay less for decor because you wont have a bunch of centrepieces 
2. You will save on food! Instead of paying $50 and up per plate you will be buying platters that will feed at least half of your guest each 
3. You can save some of that food budget for more cocktails and who doesn't love more cocktails? Your guest will probably even forget they didn't have a full dinner! 

The Gown 

There was no way I was spending more that $1,200 on a wedding gown to wear for ONE day NOPE wasn't gonna do it. I couldn't justify spending more than that on a dress that I would only wear once. There are many beautiful gowns out there that wont cost you a down payment on a house. My dress was a Maggie Sottero gown .. it cost me $1,000 and it was absolutely beautiful! 


Entertainment?? There are so many things that come with a wedding reception like toasts and throwing of the bouquet and garter and the first dance there really is no need for entertainment. Everyone may not be as lucky as we were but we had a pretty special group of groomsmen who decided they would do a little impromptu performance for everyone. Not only was it hilarious but our guests enjoyed it ... and guest what ... It didn't cost us a penny. 

I hope these few tips help you with your planning. Remember all that matters at the end of the day is you are marrying the Love of your life.


  1. Amazing ideas to plan a wedding in budget. I also planned my wedding in my budget, and so it was an intimate wedding. I had invited just 50 guest and arranged floral decorations only at affordable New York wedding venues. Well that was really special day for me!



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