Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tagged Tuesday: My 8 Summer Essentials

It is summer ... Wasn't it just Christmas?
It's that time of year when everywhere you go will be invaded with school children who have nothing better to do with their time ... Those were the days huh?

Although there is really no such thing as a summer break when you're living in "the real world" there are a few things I need that atleast make me feel like there is a change in season and for me to cope through the hottest time of the year. 

1. A swimsuit - Have you felt the heat? It is going to be a very hot summer and I must have a swimsuit to go on the beach at least once a week to cool off. 

2. Air Condition - DUH! Because who in the world can handle the sweltering heat every single day? Not this girl. 

3. Bright Make Up Pallets - Its summer time ... time to use some bright fresh colours and be fun! I am a culprit of always wearing the same face when it comes to make-up but I like to change it up in the summer and be one with the season. My favourite pallet right now is I-Divine Pallet Acid by Sleek Make up. Its very pigmented affordable and has loads of cool summer colours. 

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4. Watermelons - I know its odd but watermelons are my favourite fruit and they are the SWEETEST in the summer. I go crazy with watermelons in the summer. I can eat a whole one all by myself. Not to mention they are pretty good in a cocktail. Who doesn't like a summer cocktail? 

5. A Vacation - I hate traveling in the summer but I always need to do at least a quick weekend shopping trip mid year I.E Summer to get the edge off and do a little shopping. 

6. Summer Maxi Dress - These things are just the coolest especially in the summer. Not only is it my go to outfit when I really can't bother it is very "cool"and versatile.  You can wear it on the beach as a cover up or you can dress it up and wear it for a night on the town and not sweat profusely. (Yuck)

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7. Shorts .... and lots of them - Walking around in this heat in long jeans? No BUENO! 

8. A summer Jam - Summer seems to be the time that all artists put out their best hits and every year there is that one song that takes me back to a particular summer. So far my summer song is Shakira's "La La La" The theme song for the Fifa world cup. We are all Fifa World cup crazy at work so I'am hearing this song often. Summer has just begun and this can quickly change.

My essentials are not outrageous at all. I think all of have those things that make us say "Hey its summer time!" What are you Summer essentials? 

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