Saturday, 19 April 2014

Why do we watch Reality Shows?

The actual "Reality" of Reality shows continues to be debated, and reasons to believe that they are actually the furthest thing from reality continue to pop up. With the recent "leak" of Mimi Faust's from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sex tape it got me to thinking again....

First of all how convenient that this sex tape was "leaked" just as they began showing trailers for the new season of Love & Hip Hip Atlanta. Come on am I really suppose to believe that this is just a coincidence? (What these people do for publicity and money is another blog post in itself, because I have lost complete respect for Mimi as a mother).

Anyways then theres the weird convenience of the cameras always being where they need to be when someone visits someone else "unannounced". Like how did they camera person know the pan to right when Draya and her boyfriend dropped by the same restaurant that Jackie and her daughter were?

Needless to say I am an avid Reality show watcher, and I continue to ask myself "Why in the world do I watch these things?"

Well for one in my real life I don't do drama so I think I live vicariously through these characters/ grown women who don't know how to act. (that is also another blog)

I also watch them because I think I enjoy analyzing what is scripted from whats not, whats instigated and whats not, what exaggerated and whats not.

Reality shows are also my "what not to do" rule book. Because these women be lookin crraaazzzyyy!!

Last but not least this stuff is very entertaining, wether its real or not real. 

I've seen people say ... "Why do you watch that its so demeaning to women" heres my take .... 
No one can "demean" you but yourself .. these are grown women of sound mind (I think) and if they choose to jump over tables, make sex tapes, use curse words and fight one another thats all on them. No one is holding a gun to their heads juussst a camera!! 

So no that I've shared why I watch these "Reality" Shows what are some reasons you watch them? If you have any reason at all... 


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