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Guest Blogger : Anni's Bubble "Pre-parent and Parenting"

Pre-parent and Parenting

Before becoming a mother, I was the biggest judge of every mother I came in contact with, not to worry, fathers got judged as well.  From what they fed their kids to how they dressed their kids, I always had something to say. “When I have my kid, I will never…”, and then I became a parent.

Preparent, it is easy to think that no one is doing the right thing until you are actually placed in the situation and given a child that is solely dependent on you. No vacations, no opportunities to be tired, no time outs, nothing. From the day I discovered I was with child, I began researching everything about parenting, raising kids and even how life changes after becoming a parent. Despite the endless reading, researching, youtubing and webinars, I am still a work in progress and that is just okay.
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Over the weekend, I ran across a book called the Instructional Guide to Parenting, it took just about every fiber of my being to stop me from purchasing the book. I thought, this is exactly what I need to be a better parent. As I slowly walked away from the book, I began to think on what makes a good parent.  I spent half the day thinking about this and took it a little further and did more research (no surprise there). One of the funniest things I discovered, there are over a billion other persons googling the exact same thing. I am NOT alone!

After a series of blog posts, websites and parenting forums later, one thing is common: The key to being a successful parent is doing that which works best for you and your family. There is no guide to being the best parent, no rules to follow that will make your kids love you more, no answers to ensuring that you have the best kid in the universe, it is a simple process of making your life with your kids the best for your individual situations.

  • Ensure that your child/children are safe. Are they clothed, fed and sheltered? You are half way there… the most important role of a parent is to ensure that the well being of their kids are a priority. Designer onesies, stylish diaper bags nor organic food will make you a better parent (although they are a nice treat).
  • Live a good life. Do good to others and your kids will do the same. Kids mimic what they see, the bad and the good. Experience has taught me that the best way to show my daughter how I want her to behave is by doing what I want her to do.
  • Challenge yourself. Feeling in a rut about the way you parent? Want to up it up a notch? Try something new, learn a new recipe that incorporates your kids favorite foods, try a spring project that is kid friendly, or simply visit some place new (not forgetting to take the kids along) ! Everything takes time, work on making you the parent you want to be.
Not the advice you expected, is it? The thing is, parenting is fun, it is an experience like none other and is experienced in a different way by each person. It takes time to learn what works for you but when you get it, I guarantee you will be a hit! My daughter is two going on twenty and every day I learn something new about her. Today she loves me tomorrow she does not want to see my face, and that is okay!
The successful parent is the one that works on being the best them.

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Xoxo, Anni


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