Wednesday, 30 April 2014

5 Tips to Produce More Breast Milk

Hello new moms and moms to be! This one was a special request and I knew a lot of "US" have or had this problem. Producing breast milk! #newmommyproblems

I struggled with this the first few months after having my baby and after extensive research and trial and error here are my top 5 tips to producing more breast milk.

1. Drink LOTS of water (as I fill my 1.5 Ltr bottle)
- The first few weeks after having my baby I must admit I was terrible at this. I'm not a big water drinker as I think water is just so boring!! Finally with the help of my husband yelling at me to drink water every minute I increased my water intake and almost immediately noticed the difference in the amount of milk I was producing and at how many times a day my breast would "fill up".

2. Eat your meals ON TIME!
- Don't starve yourself! If you are anything like me you aren't even remembering to eat unless someone asks you. I was home with just me and baby and wasn't eating until my husband got home. When I started to eat proper meals and on time my milk ducts were happy and so was my baybay!!

3. Fenugreek Tea
- I swear by this herbal remedy. This seed is beneficial in many ways including reducing cholesterol and preventing colon cancer. However my favorite benefit is it helps the production of breast milk. They have this available as tea and in a pill form. I have heard that the pill form is more potent but I just used the tea and it worked wonders for me. There are also products on the market that have fenugreek in them like "Milky" by Tia and Tamera Mowry (Sister Sister) <--- Love those girls.

4. Relax!
- If you're stressed chances are your breast milk production is low. Sometimes you have to just sit in a quiet space and breath easy. You would be surprised at how much piece of mind will help your body.

- Just remember these three words Supply and Demand. The more you pump or feed your little one the more milk your body will produce. You will notice after a while of breastfeeding that your breast fill up the same times when your baby is ready to eat. When your baby isn't eating pump as often as possible. Your baby will thank you for it!

Please remember I am in no way shape or form a pro and I am still learning as I go along. This is what worked for me but it may not necessarily work for you. Unfortunately there are some mothers whose bodies just wont allow the to breastfeed.

I hope these tips help someone out there! Leave your comments if they did or if you have more tips to add!



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