Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Day!

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who love valentines day and those who totally hate it. Since I'm a lover of valentines day I'm just going to go ahead and assume my readers are too ;). 

While I know us girls would love to be wined, dined a romanced everyday we secretly know that its not humanly possible. I'm not saying everyday isn't special but lets be real some of our schedules barely give us time to eat much less go to dinner everyday. 

I love Valentines day because it gives us a day to stop in the daily "hustle n bustle" of our lives and not only show our loved ones how much they mean to us but remind us of what we love about them. With our hectic jobs and super energetic kids we sometimes forget that "He" exists. 

So now to the good stuff. What do you do for Valentines day? 

Well I have always believed that the best outings are those that don't cost a penny or the ones that actually have some thought put into it.

Here are some unique Valentines Day outing ideas:

Picnic - Make a few appetisers, a sexy dessert like chocolate dipped strawberries  and a bottle or two of your favourite wine or champagne pack them up in a bag and head out to a nice park or beach for a nice dinner under the stars. How romantic is that? Now you can partake in as much PDA as you like without other restaurant goers giving you the stink eye. 

Dinner at Home - Decide on a more extravagant dinner menu than normal with at least three courses. Trust me he will love you for it, you've saved him the stress of deciding on a restaurant and the bedroom is that much closer after you have finished that bottle of wine. 

Heres what I did last year. unfortunately I wasn't working during the month of love last year so I had no money to spend on nice gifts or dinner and another issue was my husband worked late nights so he wasn't going to be home until after 1 in the morning. So this is the brilliant idea I came up with I cut out some note sized paper and wrote little love notes and instructions on each one, starting at the front door leading straight to the bedroom. I had a bottle from our wine rack chilled some candles lit a there you have it probably our most romantic Valentines day  to date. 

This is another idea that my husband pulled off flawlessly one year. I got home from work and when I walked in the bedroom this is what I found:
UGH... needless to say this was better than any store bought gift because he actually took the time to do this himself before I got home from work. Total WIN! 

I hope these few ideas get you excited about Love day or spark your imagination to do something different this year for your special someone. 

Please comment and share what you have planned I would love to hear it!

Happy Valentines Day!


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