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Foodie Friday : Meet the Chefs!

I introduced foodie friday to you all a few months back. The concept is still the same but we will be getting a cluster of chefs and "Foodies" who will rotate posts ranging from the ultimate meat lovers plate to a delicious vegan treat. We will continue to introduce chefs as they come on board.
I am very excited about this venture and I have many exciting things coming along with this that my readers are sure to enjoy. So with that being said lets meet the two awesome chefs who have signed on so far.
Meet Chef Simeon Hall Jr. 
I met Chef Simeon about 2 years ago while he was helping a hotel that I worked at create new menus. While working with him it was clear to me automatically how passionate this guy is about food. I had never seen anything like it. The way Chef Simeon described meals he had and dishes he had created were sure to make you drool. This is part of the reason I am so excited about him coming on board. You met Chef Simeon and his awesomeness before on my blog with a few recipes he has shared .. Including last weeks sensual Molten Chocolate desert recipe. Here's a closer look into who Chef Simeon is. 
After traveling the world to explore the culinary landscapes of many foreign nations, Chef Simeon Hall will be returning to his native land of The Bahamas to stimulate your senses with his unique style of fusing local ingredients with global techniques.
As the Owner/CEO of ‘Simeon Hall Restaurant Management Group Ltd’ that provides restaurants and hotels many services including restaurant and menu design, hospitality management and training, food styling & prep and Culinary Business Consulting, Chef Hall strongly believes that you can appeal to international taste buds with the use of fresh, local ingredients and would like to introduce the world to explore the tastes of his native Isle of The Bahamas.
With the premier ‘Garden to Plate’ School Lunch Program for children in the Bahamas currently in development, Hall’s intention is to educate the youth about nutrition and sustenance by teaching them gardening and food preparation techniques. The first program of its kind in the Bahamas, Chef Hall is excited to share his experiences with the next generation of future movers and shakers. During his Bahamian tour, Hall will be a guest present and will be performing a cooking demo at The Minority Chef Summit this year as well as presenting a lecture on historical Bahamian cuisine. Although he has been featured in many newspapers across the country and abroad and has served as a Judge and contestant in many international cooking competitions, Chef Hall is excited to be returning to his homeland and is looking forward to the start of a new chapter that will bring modern techniques to traditional Bahamian cuisine.
This year we can look forward to some interesting blends of local ingredients, some new restaurants designed by Chef Hall, food demonstrations, the debut of the Hall Supper Club Events and more. Keep an eye out for Chef Simeon Hall, you may be tasting, dining at or reading something created by him and not even know it!
Check out Chef Simeon on facebook at "A food's Paradise By Chef Simeon Hall Jr. "
Meet Chef Gio Cooper "Da Bahamian Vegan"
I was first introduced to "Da Bahamian Vegan" on Facebook in my slow and steady race to becoming a vegan myself. When I made the decision that I was going to make a lifestyle change I went on a quest to figure out what I think many people who are not vegan try to figure out... "What in the heck do vegans eat?" I continued to follow Chef Gio I was more and more intrigued on how "good" this vegan was eating. He continued to post mouthwatering vegan dishes that made me realize, being of vegan does not mean I have to starve. 
Chef Giovan "Gio" Cooper, a 28 year old young man living in The Bahamas has the passion and desire for Vegan Cooking. Not only does he cook Vegan food for the public, but a little over a year ago he made the transition to becoming a Vegan. It was one of the best decisions he made not only for himself but also for the planet. As he began his transition last year March, Chef Gio Cooper called himself "Da Bahamian Vegan". He never knew months later "Da Bahamian Vegan" will be a brand to be recognized in The Bahamas and even in The United States. Da Bahamian Vegan brand main mission here in The Bahamas is to target individuals that eat meat on a constant. The brand wants to display to individuals that they can take at least one day of the week to dedicate their day to a plant based way of eating. With a huge population of persons in The Bahamas that have their own myths about what Vegan food is about, Chef Gio Cooper has to ensure his menu items are not only creative but pleasuring to the eyes and pallet. Over the past several months Chef Gio Cooper has made appearances on Bahamas At Sunrise, a local morning talk show where he did a live demonstration for the viewing audience, he has appeared twice in the local newspaper, The Nassau Guardian, made many appearances on radio talk shows, speaking about his business and the future of the brand, also he has been featured in two local magazines, where the most recent feature for Brutha Magazine "Man On The Rise." It was not all that easy though for Chef Gio Cooper. In the beginning of 2013, Chef Gio Cooper decided to open a restaurant because of the many individuals requesting where they can purchase his food items. 3 months later he had to close his doors because the support from the Bahamian community couldn't afford him the opportunity to stay open. Chef Gio Cooper was also the Vegan Chef for Canada's Fashion Designer, Mr. Peter Nygard and also a Raw private chef for The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center on Bimini island. Currently Chef Gio Cooper is a Chocolate Maker where he is working on perfecting his recipe for Raw Vegan Bon Bons. At present Chef Gio Cooper and Da Bahamian Vegan is taking Social Media by storm both here locally and internationally. With his Facebook Page "Da Bahamian Vegan" with over 5,000 Fans and Instagram "Da_Bahamian_Vegan" with over 7,000 followers, Chef Gio Coopers hope is to display his work to those in attendance. Chef Gio Cooper & Da Bahamian Vegan brand has a very good support system throughout The United States. There are many persons in The US, that can't wait for him to set foot on US soil to give them the opportunity to try his Vegan Offerings. It is his hope that if he is considered for being a featured Chef at the Seed Food & Wine Festival, that this will be the perfect opportunity to display to many just what he is all about. And we feel, by having a Caribbean Food influence to the Festival it will add such a different experience to all attendees. Even if Chef Gio Cooper isn't selected to be a guest Chef, he and his team will still be Vending at the Saturday's Festival event. They are all excited to travel and put on a great display!  
Check out Chef Gio on Facebook- Da Bahamian Vegan and Instagram- Da_bahamian_vegan. 
We will continue to introduce more and more guest bloggers as they sign on to this awesome series!
How exciting is this! Stay tuned for delicious recipes and food experiences.  


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