Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bitter Sweet Mothers Day

Mothers Day has always been a touchy thing for me. My mother passed away the day before mothers day in 2001 from breast cancer so since then mothers day has meant more than just gifts and brunch with the moms in the family on the second Sunday in may.

Everyday but particularly mothers day reminds me of the important role mothers play in our lives and how many people take their moms for granted every other day besides mothers day.

The one who calms you when you're upset, who cheers you on just when you feel you can't make it, who picks you up when you fall, who cleans your wounds and kisses them and makes it feel all better. The spirit so gentle that when you lie on her chest you fall into a sweet sleep. The embrace so warm that you never want her to let go.

Whether its your biological mother or women who stepped in for her when she was gone we all have this woman or women in our lives.
Lucky for me I've had an abundance of women both family, moms friends, godparents , and moms of friends who have had some sort of significant impact in my life as a mother figure.
As mothers day comes around I wanted to thank all of the women who have stuck around to ensure that the values I was taught by my mom flourished and continued to teach me more values that would carry me throughout my lifetime. 

Why is it bitter sweet? Well this is my first mothers day as a mother and the my mom isn't here to share it with me. While I feel her spirit with me everyday that warm embrace is something I would always rather. 

So if mothers day was just another day for you before be sure to give the mothers and mother figures in your life a special thank you and some extra love!
To all my mommy's that I've been blessed with thank you for teaching me how to not just be a mom but a good mother to my son. You've taught me how to heal his wounds how to discipline him and how to ensure he obtains life lessons and values that will carry him through to the end of time.

Thank You ... Mom
Cindy Thompson
Maria Morgan
Marsha Lambert
Janet Thompson
Richa Sands
Lisa McCartney
Abbie (Alvater) Carey
Pamela McCartney
Chakita Archer
Phyllis Garraway 


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