Saturday, 26 April 2014

Getting Baby on a Schedule

After four long blissful months of being a new mom , I think I'm finally on my way to getting my sweet baby boy on a schedule. 
While I heard all the remedies to make this happen sooner like self soothing (there was no way I was doing that), having the same routine daily (yea.. in a perfect world) and just waiting for it to happen (sounds better), I knew I had to do this my way, a way that worked for my husband and I. So here is my journey to almost a full night of sleep. 

Month 1: Just forget about the routine thing this month in my opinion. Hey if you want to go ahead and try to keep a schedule with little to no sleep go right ahead. In month one I hardly had the energy or time to eat (when I remembered to and didn't sleep through the hunger). During this month I just flowed with baby. I would sleep or eat when he slept and took some time to myself when hubby got home. 

Month 2: I was close to insanity at this point. I was crying for just 3 hours of straight sleep. Month 2 was when I gave up on putting him to sleep in his crib and having to physically get up to feed him every 2 hours. He slept comfortably in my bed right next to me. (Say whatever you want ... he hasn't been suffocated and there was never a time that he was rolled on) Spoiled? How does one "spoil" a baby?? ....moving on ....When he would wake up for a feeding I would lay right there and position him to my chest and he would eat away while I drifted back to sleep. 

Month 3: It started getting better. This is when I started to try a "routine". This is also the month I went back to work ( still having separation anxiety).  Any who, I knew whatever routine I came up with would have to be something realistic with me going back to work. Kaiden had already set his own little routine for himself. I already knew that he would eat every 21/2 hours and that he would take a good 30 to 45 minute nap around 11am, 2pm, and 4pm everyday. So I just needed to figure out what happens when I get home from work around 6pm. So we decided that his bedtime routine was all we really needed to work out. That turned out being pretty easy, every evening at 7:30pm we give him a good bath, feed him and he his down by 8:15pm the latest. 

Month 4: We are doing pretty well with his bedtime ritual and he seems to now understand that once these things happen its time to go to sleep. He is only waking up about once at night now (2:30am) and his doctor just ordered that he can now skip this early morning snack to start sleeping through the night (looking forward to that). 

To all you new moms out there don't let people pressure you about getting your baby on a schedule. Do what works for you and your family and take your time!!! Also remember that every baby is different so what worked for your friend, mom, aunt or cousin wont necessarily work for you. Don't rush the process. After all when you look at that little sweet face who cares about sleep?  JK you will NEVER NOT care about sleep. 

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